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Use the recycle acetate to protect the environment

As we know acetate is used by eyewear companies because its a high-quality, beautifully glossy and transparent material with just the right amount of bend. You can even bring a pair of acetate frames to your local optician and they will gently bend them to fit your face better. You cant do that with plastic.

Enter bio-acetate. This kinder to the environment material is made with plasticisers from renewable sources rather than oil-based ones. By changing these chemicals into biodegradable plasticisers, the entire material becomes plant based, can break down, and as a result is better for our planet. Plus, it reduces our reliance on non-renewable resources.

If the acetate is expressly bio-acetate (plasticizer-free) and manufactured in a regulated environment (for example, Italy, under the European Unions strict REACH chemical guidelines), then you can be fairly confident that the workers wear protective clothing, and there are proper ventilation systems and waste treatment set up.

The best manufacturer in this regard seems to be Mazzucchelli, in Italy.

Now more and more customers use the bio acetate to make the sunglasses and optical frames .

If you are interested in this kind of material ,please feel free to contact us for more information .

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